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In this symposium the latest results in the study of control and manipulation of growth and the immune system in aquatic organisms as tools for aquaculture will be presented. The results related to immune stimulants, adjuvants and vaccines for fish are also included. Additionally, there will be conferences dedicated to genomics as tool for studying marine biodiversity as a source of new molecules and biological mechanisms with practical applications in all aspects of life.

Coordinator: Yamila Carpio González & Rebeca Martínez Rodriguez

This symposium will be devoted to the applications of modern biotechnology for the animal health. We will discuss about veterinary vaccines and different platforms for their production, parasitology and veterinary diagnostic systems, also pre-clinical and clinical trials and regulatory drug registration for veterinary products.

Coordinator: Alina Rodríguez & Maricela Suárez

This symposium is focused on new strategies to overcome plant diseases. Huanglongbing in citrus: tools for its management. The control of geminivirus diseases by RNA silencing. The studies on plant-bacteria and plant-virus interactions among others, will be a matter of discussions.

Coordinators: Alejandro Fuentes & Meilyn Rodríguez

The symposium is focused on enzymes and enzyme products with Biotech applications. Main topics are: Native and recombinant enzymes, Enzyme assays, Structure-function relationship, Enzyme engineering and Directed evolution, Biocatalysis and Bioprocess, Biocatalysts and Bioreactors.

Coordinator: Lázaro Hernández & Enrique Pérez

This symposium will present the most recent results in the field of transgenic plants highlighting the methods of producing such organisms and the practical applications. Topics involved resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, as well as the use of plant as bioreactors will be considered. Aspects regarding regulatory and public perception of transgenic plants will be discussed.

Coordinators: Abel Hernández & Gil Enriquez

Present and future uses of Agro-Bioproducts. Problems and potentialities. Development, production, formulation and quality assurance of Agro-Bioproducts. Molecular bases of the mode of action of Agro-Bioproducts. Impact of new Agro-Bioproducts. Ecological, legal and economic aspects of Agro-Bioproducts. Regulatory affairs of biological products for farming use.

Coordinator: Rolando Morán & Jesús Mena


The symposium will address issues related to the development of biotechnological products under pre-clinical regulatory elements and the application of 3 Rs, animal welfare, environmental enrichment, non-invasive monitoring techniques and animal model development.

Coordinator: Jorge Castro Velazco & Pedro Puente

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